Guest Blog by Donato Esposito – ‘The Running Guru’

My name is Donato – some people know me as ‘The Running Guru’ and some as The Reluctant Guru. This is just the start of my journey of how I went from a beginner runner to automatically qualifying for the New York City Marathon in just 16 months, by applying some simple philosophies.

Little did I know that from when I first met Derek Mills at an event in 2014, how much of an impact he would have and how much synergy and philosophies we would share. As soon as Derek started talking at the event, I thought “finally! Someone who is talking my language!”

Like many millions of people around the world, we are taught to have big dreams and goals and aim to achieve them. But it never really happened. So when I started running, I had no goals or dreams apart from wanting to finish a race without being in pain the following days and weeks! Not such a big goal.

I decided to take up running in July 2015 at age 54 to raise money for Hibbs Lupus Trust.

It was from a random post on Facebook that John Hibbs was asking if anyone wanted to run the Birmingham Half marathon for the charity, that I said yes, not knowing how much pain it would cause me when I first started. From my first outing, after just 5 minutes, my ankles, knees and chest were hurting, so I stopped. I persisted and over the weeks I went from 5 minutes to 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

I ran the Birmingham Half Marathon in October 2015 with a London Olympic torch and decided that’s as far as I would ever run again!

However, I then went on to run the Brighton Marathon in April 2016 for Cancer Research UK, followed by the Frankfurt Marathon in October 2016 with an astonishing time of 3 hours and 15 minutes to qualify me for many Marathon majors including Boston, London, Chicago and NYC Marathons.

Having recorded most of my races on my GoPro, the VLOGs on Youtube and Social media posts have inspired many people to take up running, sign-up for marathons and have goals to also qualify for Boston.

In between those marathon races I also completed a number of half marathons and 10k races, including one dressed as a shoe for Cancer Research in Central London and came in with a time of 52 minutes that started a hash tag on social media of #beatenbytheshoe

How have I been able to achieve all these amazing things in such a short time?

I follow a simple philosophy with my running as I do with business, which is about being in the moment and what do I need to do now. I follow a daily training plan which may have running involved or be a rest day, or cycling or swimming. All my focus is what do I need to complete today. My plan is maybe a week or two weeks in advance depending how my current training is going and I will adjust the plan accordingly if needed.

For running, as in business, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

For me it is always about being in the moment and applying many of the principles I have read in The 10-Second Philosophy book by Derek Mills.

The next part of my running journey is to combine all my passions of travel, running and inspiring people. As I come up to my next marathon in New York City, which is the biggest marathon in the world, I want to inspire 1 million people to join me running, either physically on my travels, or virtually.

This will be my T.R.I.P.

Travel, Run, Inspire (1 million), People.

Come join me on a TRIP of a lifetime!


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Check back soon for the next part of Donato’s journey!