Change - setting standards

Guest blog by Lucy Halligan

I met Derek about 2 years ago, at a local seminar in Solihull. His story was amazing and I bought his book. Whilst reading it I implemented only 1 standard which was to not listen to the news and that was about it. At this point in my life my mindset was not in the right place to make a decision to change.

I later watched a webinar about a retreat which intrigued me as I had already started on my personal development journey but at this point, I had a young baby. It was no coincidence that the retreat was 15 minutes away which would allow me to travel back home at night.

At this point in my life I felt stuck, really stuck and something needed shifting so I booked onto it not knowing it would change my whole life. How? Well a huge shift occurred throughout the duration of the retreat and what I realised was, I made things so much more complicated in my head when in reality, as Derek would say, do it “just for today”. So I made that decision to start off with a couple of Daily Standards. One being Fitness and nutrition.

I made this simple so it didn’t take any extra time in my day and with a business and being a mum, time was not something I had extra of. I thought “let’s make this habitual”, 10 squats every time I brush my teeth; that’s 140 a week. It got easier so I raised my Standard and did 20 which was a bit more difficult. Now I do 40, both in the morning and at night, which is 560 in a week!!!


Change - setting standards

Not only did I cut out chocolate, I don’t even have it in the house and I was a massive addict, to the point where Nutella would go straight off the spoon. Now it’s healthier peanut butter.

I do slip on the odd occasion but the next day I start it with ‘just for today’. I feel amazing and have loads more energy. I’m even enjoying exercise for the first time ever because I feel so much more confident in my body. Needless to say, setting these Standards now shows in my body and I am 2 and a half stone lighter.

This method of setting Daily Standards is so simple to do every day, that the outcome 6 months down the line is life changing and affects all areas of my life. I have so much gratitude for Derek and his amazing team for making a difference in so many people’s lives.

Thank you!!!

Lucy Halligan