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A few short years ago, Derek Mills, was broke, struggling in his business, stressed and unhappy. Despite having worked long hours, six days a week and rarely seeing his family for the best part of 16 years, his business still wasn’t successful. Most importantly he felt a failure in all the areas of his life that were most important to him. In terms of wealth, he had none. He would often find himself travelling across the country to meet clients at their convenience, putting himself and his family’s needs last. Then one evening, a chance question from the office security guard at 9.30pm, changed Derek’s life forever.

“What time did you get in this morning?”

In that instance, Derek had a profound ‘lightbulb moment’. The goal setting he’d done for almost 17 years had amounted to nothing. “From now on I will set and live by my own DailyStandards®,” he declared. “Clients will come to me, I will take every Friday off to spend with my family, I’ll never work weekends or after 6pm, and I’ll only accept clients who hold assets of a minimum of £1million!” These are just a few of the Standards Derek reset that night.

And that’s exactly what he did. Derek stuck to his new DailyStandards®. Over the next four years Derek had:

  • Made his first million, working half the hours he used to.
  • Become a best-selling author, international speaker and leadership coach.
  • Executive produced an award-winning movie short and featured as an expert in the inspirational movie ‘The Keeper of the Keys’.
  • Become renowned in his industry as a business and sales ‘guru’.
  • Started The Standards RevolutionTM.

Derek discovered that it’s the unique DailyStandards® approach that is the missing link to goals success.

“I was at a place in my life personally & professionally, that I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to achieve it. After a few of Derek’s workshops I started to put things into place. Writing a diary, reading books, setting myself daily standards. I wanted people to see a change in me. But Derek told me I had to change myself before others saw a change. I’m more focused than ever & my wife & family have seen those changes. Professionally, I’ve just started my new job at Leicester City Football club, heading up the scouting department from 17-21. Thanks for everything Derek”
David Johnson – Head Scout for Leicester City Football Club – UK

We offer four services to help you to achieve happiness and success – Personal Development, Live Events and Retreats, Mentoring and Coaching, Products and Resources

Definition: A DailyStandard is a basis, criterion, level, quality or rule that you set from within and commit to just for today, then one day at time.

On meeting Derek you instantly recognise you’re in the presence of someone extraordinary – you note the absence of empty words and fake gestures. Instead, in Derek, you hear and experience someone approachable, deeply authentic, who is in touch with his truth and very clear about his mission to help anyone he can, discover theirs – the sign of a true leader.

Phil Parker, Lecturer, Researcher and Hay House Author of the Lightning Process

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