“I was at a place in my life personally & professionally, that I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to achieve it. After a few of Derek’s workshops I started to put things into place. Writing a diary, reading books, setting myself daily standards. I wanted people to see a change in me. But Derek told me I had to change myself before others saw a change. I’m more focused than ever & my wife & family have seen those changes. Professionally, I’ve just started my new job at Leicester City Football club, heading up the scouting department from 17-21. Thanks for everything Derek”

David Johnson – Head Scout for Leicester City Football Club – UK

“Derek Mills has found out how to create lasting success. He walks his talk – it’s powerful and inspiring and a gift that he’s sharing with us all”

John Gray Ph.D. – author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus – US

“I found Derek’s philosophy and approach to personal development to be refreshing and innovative. At last we have something that everyone can use to better themselves which doesn’t rely on being goal driven and disciplined”.

Professor Karl George, MBE – Professional Speaker and Author

“It was especially lovely for me to connect with you at your ‘Awaken Your Guru and Heal Your Life’ workshop. I personally experienced many shifts and realisations which are here to stay. Truly a beautiful, thoughtful and compassionate man, full of kindness and empathy. Thank you for being so generous with your insights and gifts. I found the workshop to be deeply spiritual, yet also professional, organised and in my view grounded. You are a natural teacher, and a very gifted one. Thank you, thank you, thank you for an experience I will cherish!”
Billee Saade – Isle of Man
“Derek Mills, The Standards Guy, offers a great philosophy and practical advice for achieving all you want in life. In the 10 Second Philosophy book, he shows how change can happen in seconds. This is a wise, inspiring, heart-opening approach.”

Marci Shimoff – NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in the film, The Secret – US

“I once read in every lifetime spent in earnest study there comes a moment of illumination that clears every shadow of doubt, I captured that moment over our conversation. The most enlightening conversation I have ever had, over lunch with Derek Mills! The 10-Second Philosophy is a must read.”

Dominic Knight – Best-selling Author & Harley Street Clinical Hypnotherapist – UK

“I came on Derek’s ‘Awaken Your Inner Guru and Heal Your Life’ weekend workshop with a very open mind …It was a fabulous experience, a beautiful place with beautiful people. Derek is inspiring, approachable and honest and it was a real pleasure to listen to him”.

Claire Smith – Presenter, Interior Designer ‘Secret Removers’ at Channel 4 – UK

“On meeting Derek you instantly recognise you’re in the presence of someone extraordinary. You note the absence of empty words and fake gestures. Instead, in Derek, you hear and experience someone approachable, deeply authentic, who is in touch with his truth and very clear about his mission to help anyone he can, discover theirs – the sign of a true leader.”

Phil Parker – Lecturer, Author, Researcher and Originator of the Lightning Process – UK

“Derek Mills is by far one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does he have a compelling story, which everyone on the planet needs to hear, he also has the tools to help them become far more successful and happier than they already are. He’s one of those rare speakers I would not hesitate to recommend. He’s outstanding.”

Richard McCann – International Speaker and Sunday Times bestselling author – UK

“I had heard about Derek’s book and theory of setting standards not goals and was really interested to hear him speak as this sounded strange and off beat with the many self help and spiritual books I have read, setting standards also sounded difficult. I couldn’t have been more wrong, now I understand the philosophy of “the standards guy” it makes total sense, it was easy to put into practice as it is bringing out and working with my true self. Also it is not at odds with, but agrees with and builds on other techniques I believe strongly in. I love the fact that the more I discover about the way we can live and what is available to us the more it all connects and makes sense. I would urge anyone who is unsure to listen to Derek’s message and spend any time with him you can, he is enlightening and has an amazing presence – you will be intoxicated and you will change your life – for the better!”

Julie Waters – Business Development Manager, St. James’s Place Wealth Management – FTSE100 Company

“When I started reading ‘The 10-Second Philosophy’ I had the hope that I would learn something about my friend, Derek Mills. With each page I turned, in actual fact, I was learning more about myself.

For years I had set goals and had the countless vision boards to show for it but there were certain things that remained as an image and didn’t come into my reality. Since reading this life changing book, I now realise that the things I have achieved are things I have particularly high standards in and the things that I have not yet achieved are things that I wish for but my standards do not connect with. Within the two weeks it took me to read this book, my standards have increased and already I am living each day with success and fulfilment in all aspects of my life.

Thank you Derek, this book was like a breath of fresh air to the countless books I have read in the past on goal setting”.

Drew Neal – WAKO Coach of the year 2011 and WAKO GB Coach – UK

‘References can be provided but due to the confidential nature of the services we provide, a list is not available on this site of the many clients Derek has worked with.’