Personal Development

For true guidance based on experience, not theory

Our Personal Development and Wealth Mastery tools are designed to help you create and integrate DailyStandards® into your own life, cementing the foundation for true, lasting change. Resources include webinars, success workbooks, Q&A’s, e-books and more.

All of our resources are based upon Derek’s tried-and-tested DailyStandards® methods, which he used to pull himself up from being broke, to earning his first million. Derek is unique in the field of personal development and wealth mastery thanks to having conducted more than 11,000 interviews with individuals who were not considered wealthy, guiding them to create greater financial success for themselves, as well as held at least 5,000 meetings with high net-worth individuals. Derek uses all this wisdom, along with practical know-how from the past 28 years working in the financial services sector, to help you master your own money consciousness and start changing your life today.

Joining one of our programs will help you:

  • Gain the tools to master your life and achieve greatness.
  • Develop DailyStandards® to create wealth for yourself – and to recognise that true wealth comes in many forms.
  • Find out how others have used this approach to create success and happiness in their lives, and then replicate this for yourself.
  • Get organised and design your own life plan.
  • Put support systems in place to stick to your new DailyStandards®.

Derek is a modern-day personal development guru. Not only has he created
a paradigm shift where goals are concerned but he lives by the
principles that he teaches. Watch out for the ‘Standards Guy’.

Professor Karl George, MBE, Director at The Governance Forum Limited, UK

You don’t need years of therapy, a month in an ashram or a weekend retreat
to get your life heading in the right direction – you only need ten seconds. Derek’s philosophy is not only revolutionary, it’s simple, do-able and comes from someone who isn’t just talking the talk, but walking the walk.

Jennifer Hicks, Radio Host – USA

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Live Events and Retreats

Listen to Derek speak and learn why DailyStandards® will help you exceed your goals and be happier in the process.

Whether at an informal, intimate Q&A or addressing audiences of thousands at conferences around the world, Derek never fails to inspire with his passion for personal development.

The DailyStandards® team also holds immersive retreats to help people change their lives and develop their own DailyStandards® for phenomenal life success. Our retreats vary in length and cover wealth mastery as well as strategies for ultimate success, health and happiness.

By attending one of our live events or retreats, you will:

  • Hear first-hand how to master your life to create lasting, positive changes.
  • Understand the philosophy around creating wealth and how to start thinking rich.
  • Learn how to release your inner genius for maximum success and happiness.
  • Discover how setting DailyStandards® helps you go beyond any previous goals.
  • Put support systems in place to help you stick to your life and DailyStandards®.

It was especially lovely for me to connect with you at your ‘Awaken Your Guru
and Heal Your Life’ workshop. I experienced many shifts and realisations that are here to stay. Thank you for being so generous with your insights and gifts. I found the workshop to be deeply spiritual, yet also professional, organised and, in my view, grounded. You are a natural teacher and a very gifted one. Thank you, thank you, thank you for an experience I will cherish!

Billee Saade – Isle of Man

I once read that in every lifetime spent in earnest study, there comes a moment
of illumination that clears every shadow of doubt. Well, I experienced that moment during my conversation with Derek Mills – truly the most enlightening conversation I have ever had! The 10 Second Philosophy is a must read.

Dominic Knight, author, speaker and clinical hypnotherapist,
Harley Street, London

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Mentoring and Coaching

Supporting you on your journey ‘on and off the mountain’

For individuals who are committed to diving deep into personal transformation, Derek offers a limited number of one-to-one mentoring and coaching slots. These are for people he sees as authentic leaders in their chosen field – men and women who want to make a difference in their own lives, as well as out in the world.

Derek is ideally placed to offer this mentoring and coaching service, having spent the majority of the past 12 years guiding and coaching millionaires and multi-millionaires to maintain and grow their wealth. During this time he has gained valuable insight into their wealth consciousness, which he can pass on to you.

As your private mentor, Derek will personally help you to cultivate your own unique, effective DailyStandards® for Personal Development and Wealth Mastery. This may mean helping you multiply your income by ten times or more, as has happened for many of his clients.

Your life will not only benefit in monetary terms; all areas will begin to flourish, from improved personal relationships and vibrant health, to greater happiness, fulfilment and authenticity.

Working with you face to face, Derek will:

  • Help you gain the clarity needed to live your best life.
  • Show you how to earn more money yet work fewer hours.
  • Guide you to find your purpose and maintain success and happiness.
  • Unleash your financial genius to create lasting wealth.
  • Help you to set and commit to the right DailyStandards® for you.

I now have clear standards that I live by in all areas of my life and I am
reaping the rewards. I have purpose at last.

Jeff Reid Partner, St. James’s Place Wealth Management, UK

Having had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Derek on a number
of occasions, I can say, hand on heart, that he is one of those rare, genuine
souls who truly wants to, and can, help people.

Katy Sunnassee, Editor of Top Santé magazine, UK

Private mentoring and coaching is by application only. To contact the DailyStandards Team, click here

Products and Resources

DailyStandards® are the ‘missing-link’ between you and goals success.

In his book, The 10 Second Philosophy®, Derek outlines the seven areas for personal success called ‘P.E.R.F.E.C.T.’ in which DailyStandards® are applied:

P = Personal Health and Fitness
E = Environment (Internal/External)
R = Relationships
F = Family
E = Emotions
C = Career & Business
T = Time & Money


Through CDs, books, DVDs and courses, Derek and the DailyStandards® team will help you develop the changes required to create phenomenal life success. You will:

  • Turn your life around and become happy using your own personal DailyStandards®.
  • Learn how to tune in to your inner genius so you make the choices right for you.
  • Understand why DailyStandards® are the missing-link to your goal success.
  • Learn to recognise which areas of your life are out of balance, and remedy this.
  • Identify which of your current DailyStandards® need to change in order to honour and serve yourself and, in turn, honour and serve others.

Derek Mills possesses the rare combination of integrity, inspiration, and
perseverance. He is a testament to the notion that we each have the
ability to reinvent our lives in a heartbeat. Spend just 10 seconds in his
presence and your life will be transformed.

Steve Olsher, New York Times best-selling author of

Internet Prophets, San Diego, USA

Derek Mills is by far one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever had the
pleasure of working with. Not only does he have a compelling story, which everyone on the planet needs to hear, but he also has the tools needed to help people become far more successful and happier than they already are. He’s one of the rare speakers I would not hesitate to recommend. When he spoke at ‘iCan’ The Event, it was no wonder he sold the most books by far. He’s outstanding.

Richard McCann, Sunday Times bestselling author, UK

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