… of their mental environment

The 11th Principle towards Riches; The Subconscious Mind

Everyone worries about the environment and rightly so. However, the environment they worry about and try to change or sustain, is the environment around them. There is only one problem; the environment that most determines you or anyone else, is the internal environment, which is one’s mental attitude and mental fortitude.

If your internal environment does not nurture, develop, sustain and empower you, then that is where you need to start in order to change your success, your finances, your world and maybe even the world.

If you cannot move and motivate yourself, how do you expect to change or move the world. Every person of success becomes so because of how they develop a strong, helpful and resourceful inner mental attitude. This is nothing to do with one’s intellect. It is everything to do with one’s ability to have a supportive, subconscious mind.

Developing such a mind takes daily work. Each day, as standard, you must feed your inner mind, your unconscious mind, with food that will nurture.

When you do this as Standard, each day, I promise you, I guarantee you, that your Subconscious mind will take that which you have fed it and multiply it and feed it back to you!! And you won’t have to think about it. It becomes automatic. This is how you become a powerhouse.

So, what do you have to do?

Today and every single day, you must feed your mind by absorbing material that will shift and change your mind.

Read books, listen to audiobooks, attend events on the following subjects:

Psychology; Happiness; Philosophy; Health; Faith; Strategy; Business; Personal development

Financial literacy & Financial intelligence; Entrepreneurship; Relationships; Autobiographies of the greatest ever humans beings.

Additionally, speak with people who will facilitate growth. The Key here is to set and maintain a Daily Standard which will have structured time (diarise this time as a minimum or put it in outlook) and random times, as much as you can get time, each day, where you consciously feed your Subconscious mind.

How long do you uphold this new Daily Standard?

Until your newly empowered mind feeds you and changes your thoughts and actions. For then you will not want to stop!

‘It is critical that you expose your subconscious mind to the kind of material and messages which you would like to have come back to you ‘AMPLIFIED’.’

Derek, how do I begin to influence my subconscious mind?

  1. Make a fully conscious choice about your Daily Standards in the key areas of your life. Then work daily to imprint these new Daily Standards upon your subconscious mind. Meditate upon them; write them down; review and read them daily each morning and night; pray for the strength to stick to them. Do this today and then just one day at a time, long enough to see what would happen if you did!! The key is to saturate your subconscious mind with thoughts and attitudes which will support and move you in the direction you should be going, in order to maximise your existing potential.
  2. Stop listening to the news. Its 99% negative and soul destroying. If you feed upon this material, you will become what you eat.

Check back soon for Principle number 12 of how to Think and Grow Rich.