It is December 1st, 1955 and a young woman takes a risk. It was a risk that would surely have cost her liberty and maybe her life.

As I write this, I recall the legacy of civil rights icon Rosa Parks. She set a brave new Standard for how she would be herself and how she would be treated in the world when on that day, December 1st, 1955, she sat on that bus. At that time black people were still being persecuted, denied, abused and killed for no other reason than being black.

If you have goals, use this bridge – the missing-link between you and your goal achievement is ‘Daily Standards’. If you don’t set goals, then simply set and live by Daily Standards from within.

Luminaries like Rosa Parks, Dr King and others, set new Standards on that day and stuck to those Standards one day at a time. They set new Daily Standards for how they allowed themselves to be treated by the system and by others. They made decisions that meant setting and adhering to new Standards, one day at a time, for black people and people of all colours, long enough to see what would happen if they did.

History shows how the world around them resisted their new Standards (some parts of America still resist, but we shall overcome!), but they were irresistible Standards, therefore change was inevitable.

Right now, as you read this message on your device, I doubt your liberty or life would be put at risk if you raised and set higher Daily Standards, would it? So, why not take a moment and consider a major change that you desire within your life right now. Then consider what new Daily Standards you would have to put in place in order to give that desire a chance.

Is there a ‘bus seat you need to sit on?’

What a story each of us would have to tell if we would be brave and set new Daily Standards and act from that place, just today and then one day at a time, long enough to see what would happen if we did. You have no idea what could happen if today you chose to utilise and stick to this unique approach and philosophy! If you need help to MAKE A CHANGE TODAY, get in touch; my team and I are here to help.

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Derek Mills