Happy Happy Christmas One and All!!

Once you’ve had an amazing Christmas, the very next thing you’ll be focused on is 2019.

The question you’ll want to ask is “How Do I Practically Make 2019 My Best Year Yet?”  Well you can’t make your best year all in one go, but you can make the best of each single day, which is in turn how you end up with your best year yet! Then, every day God blesses you with, make that today, your best day yet. Your best todays will compound into best weeks, best months and go towards creating your best year.

Those of you who have read the 10-Second Philosophy® will know that goals don’t achieve goals. They never have. All your successes and all your failures in 2019, will not be determined by the goals or resolutions that you have set but by the Daily Standards that you live by, each day of 2019.

A Daily Standard is: A basis, criterion, level, quality or rule that you set from within and live by today and then just one day at a time.

Because your Daily Standards determine you, you must focus on them one day at a time. It is true that if you have the wrong Daily Standards, incongruent with your goals, you will never achieve your goals. You know you won’t achieve any of your goals without having the correct Daily Standards.

To make 2019 your best year yet, follow these 4 steps:

  1. I advise you that once you have written down your goals, put them aside
  2. Next, spend some time thinking about the best Daily Standards for you to have in order to achieve these goals (remember you can increase and reset your goals as you progress throughout the year)
  3. Write down your chosen Daily Standards and commit to being and living at them, today and then one day at a time
  4. Create a plan, which includes using your diary, that sets out how you are going to BE and how you are going to LIVE each day with your Daily Standards

To find tools, hints and tips to help you set and stick to your Daily Standards, please refer to the 10-Second Philosophy book. Your ability to stick to your Daily Standards will determine how 2019 turns out for you.

As a thank you for your continued support, I would like to offer you a special gift for Christmas. Follow this link to my book which is discounted for Christmas. If you already have your own copy, why not get one for a friend for Christmas.

I look forward to hearing about your 2019.

Merry Christmas