There is no point being in a situation you’re not excited about, much like a relationship. What we tend to forget is that we can change almost anything about it, about our lives, in a heartbeat. We can change the tangible parts like our job, house, partner.. but we can also change our mindset and our perspective. Everything is a choice.

We choose everything and we are our choices. Don’t get the job your mother wants or adopt the goals your friend wants. So many of us use these one-size-fits-all ideals and goalposts that we might not even be compatible with.

When I studied personal training we were taught that the best, most effective exercise for a client was the one they like best – they’ll do that one. Naturally all of our prescriptions were different and I think the same rule applies to our lives.

Every day I’m surrounded by people looking at others and crossing their fingers, but fit people choose to be fit and successful people work exceptionally hard to climb occupational ladders. A friend recently looked at me and sighed, “I’d die to have your figure..” I laughed, “I die to have this figure”. I choose this, I’m invested in this.



It’s not easy to change your circumstances and it’s even harder to change your mind, but the payoffs are huge. Sometimes the most uncomfortable choices are the most rewarding, like moving out of your comfort-zone and across the world, interviewing for an ambitious job or quitting a comfortable one.

If you’re in a situation you’re not excited about, don’t mourn it, don’t accept it – just do something.

Jade Maisey

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