Apple, Porsche, Disney, Marriott, AXA, Chrysler and GymShark… How would you like to join this list of exceptional businesses? What is their secret?

Most, if not all of us, have heard of these renowned brands. Renowned brands have dominated the marketplace, leaving little room for ‘up and coming newbies (new companies) ’ to make a space for themselves. GymShark however are the exception because they are newbies of less than three years, who are tearing the patch apart in their field. They use a great marketing approach, aligned with very high DailyStandards™ in the whole of their business model and have grabbed a huge share of the marketplace in fitness wear. GymShark, like the other illustrious brands on this list became exceptional utilising the secret of DailyStandards™. So how can utilising the practices and philosophy of DailyStandards™ help you in your business today and become the exceptional company you desire to be?

What are these hugely successful companies doing that you are not? What is their secret?

Most people and businesses, who set goals, fail to achieve them. They have not identified the ‘missing link’ to success – DailyStandards™.  DailyStandards, more than any other factor, drives the behaviour and philosophy of the business.  Goals alone do NOT work – Your business needs to identify and apply DailyStandards™. Most businesses do not become great because they have no awareness of this secret. The average SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) and the average Corporate, have no awareness of the absolutely crucial tool of DailyStandards™, which is utilised by top brands, profitable businesses and superstar newbies. Stop and think – Do you have any one of these issues currently?

  1. Poor customer loyalty.
  2. Lower than desired profits.
  3. Unmotivated staff.
  4. Low energy and enthusiasm in and for your business.
  5. Working with the customers and clients that stress you and your business for low reward.
  6. Margins lower than you would like.
  7. Your business demands too many man hours.

DailyStandards™ for Business

The following case studies provide evidence of how these top brands think differently.

Remember that a DailyStandard™ is…A Basis, Criterion, Level, Quality or Rule, consciously set from within the business and adhered to today and then just one day at a time.


CASE STUDY 1 – Apple

Apple is all about Standards, and they work proactively to maintain them. This is proved time and again when Apple launches a new product. Their loyal customers will sleep on the pavement overnight, just so they can be the first to buy the product! After a 2006 media report on labour practices in China, Apple began annual audits of all its suppliers regarding worker’s rights. They have since been reviewing their practices, and have published annual reports on their progress. They have in essence, ‘slowly raised their Standards’ and detached from suppliers who did not meet these Standards. Often Apple are criticised for the unearthing of issues. However, Apple state the discovery of the problems gives the company “an opportunity to make concrete changes for the better” i.e. – they identify where the Standards aren’t high enough, and they raise them.


Porsche state they are committed to putting the needs and expectations of customers first, by upholding high DailyStandards™ professionally, objectively and efficiently. As a result of their continual commitment to upholding these Standards, Porsche ranked HIGHEST in the J.D Power and Associates Initial Quality Study out of a total of 33 international automakers in a US survey. According to Porsche, this is the best result they have achieved in its company history. “Porsche stands for sportiness and performance,” said Matthias Müller, President and CEO of Porsche AG. “We are pleased to see that our equally high levels of quality in design, development and production have also been confirmed with these awards.”  This was because of their high DailyStandards™. Porsche’s Standards are monitored and adhered to daily.