“I worked with Derek during the financial crisis. Due to Derek’s mentoring, within a year I attracted 97 new clients and over £12,000,000 of new funds under management; thank you pal. Derek has been a great support and I will never forget what he has done helping me. It’s funny, writing this has made me feel very emotional…”

David O’Connor – O’Connor Wealth Management

“Derek is a giant amongst communicators and motivators, and it has been my pleasure to know him…. I watched Derek grow his powerful communication style which impacts you in both the head and the heart…. He cares deeply about the impact of his message and understands the value that he brings to the people whose lives he touches…. If raw talent is any indicator of potential, he will be one of those guys who (as Zig Ziglar once said) we will ‘see at the top!!'”

Phil Ryan – Managing Director, Executive Education Division of The UK’s No1 Business School for Banking & Finance

“I was at a place in my life personally & professionally, that I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to achieve it. After a few of Derek’s workshops I started to put things into place. Writing a diary, reading books, setting myself daily standards. I wanted people to see a change in me. But Derek told me I had to change myself before others saw a change. I’m more focused than ever & my wife & family have seen those changes. Professionally, I’ve just started my new job at Leicester City Football club, heading up the scouting department from 17-21. Thanks for everything Derek”

David Johnson – Head Scout – Leicester City Football Club [David attended one of Derek’s programs Autumn 2014]

“Derek Mills is one of the most engaging, authentic speakers I have ever heard. His stage presence is outstanding and it allows you to connect with him in a way that you don’t with other speakers. His story and the content that he shares is totally unique.”

Shaa Wasmund MBE – #1 bestselling author of ‘Stop Talking, Start Doing’ and ‘Do Less, Get More’

“After attending Derek’s Daily Standards session I have a handful of gems to start my journey of fulfilment and financial freedom. Derek’s style of presenting made it simple to grasp and understand the importance of the 10 second philosophy! I would highly recommend this to those who seek direction, purpose and that missing key”

Phillip Thomas

“Derek has an extraordinary ability to connect and ‘get it’ and has been a brilliant partner in working with me to clarify, streamline and achieve my objectives. Derek is a brilliant combination of gifted (commercially) and lifted (personally)”

Louisa – RVM & Associates, Commercial Property Management and Design Planning

…”I understand the philosophy of “the standards guy” it makes total sense, it was easy to put into practice as it is bringing out and working with my true self. Also it is not at odds with, but agrees with and builds on other techniques I believe strongly in. I love the fact that the more I discover about the way we can live and what is available to us the more it all connects and makes sense”….

Julie Waters – Business Development Manager, St. James’s Place Wealth Management – FTSE100 Company

“As a busy working mum, I constantly battled with myself about being the best I could be… Various authors talked about setting goals so big they would blow your mind … but, I didn’t want to drive a Lamborghini or travel the globe. All I wanted was to be happy, feel fulfilled in my work, be a good mother and role model for my son, a good girlfriend and a good friend!

…I used the system that Derek describes in his book to concentrate on what I believed to be my key areas, and I set new Daily Standards that felt right for me, that I would stick to for just one day at a time!

My life changed literally overnight. I felt I was finally achieving in every area that I was focusing on. As a result I had a great sense of well- being. I became healthier both mentally and physically, more focused and happier…”

Avril Cody – Advisor for Cody Thomas Wealth Management Practitioners

“…The difference between Derek Mills’ presentation and the umpteen other motivational speeches I have attended is that one actually walked out of the auditorium armed with tools for immediate implementation.  Yet, each individual believed that he or she was being addressed personally.  So much of the content resonated with each individual… …His ethos of setting and maintaining high DailyStandards took the emphasis away from just goal setting to daily activities which, if adhered to, would pale into insignificance the meager goals previously set… …Perhaps all of the other motivational talks paved the way for Derek’s authentic, non-condescending, real-life, experience-based skills training, attending to detail and, thereby equipping the listener to progress.”

Kathryn Marrett LUTCF Sales Advisor – Guardian Life Ltd
“Inspirational, reflective and mesmerising, three words I would use to describe Derek Mills’ session at the Newham Collegiate Sixth Form.  From the moment Derek visited us he immediately connected with all of our students and staff and he was extremely generous with his time and advice.  His session had something for everybody and my students are still talking about the ‘Standards Guy’ with reverence and respect.  Derek Mills had a profound impact on the young people he spoke with and as educators we can see a change in their mind set and their habits.  Thank you Derek for sharing your pearls of wisdom with us and getting us to reflect on who we are and what we want to become! Hurry back you are always welcome at the NCS.”

Mouhssin Ismail – Principal Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre
“Derek Mills; If Heineken Did Inspirational Talks!”

Ian Tucker – Author
“I’ll be frank and to the point. I was cynical and I was proved wrong. Out of twelve speakers at the Momentum Risk Summit event, Derek’s presentation, in my view, was the most valuable to the delegates. He was an inspiration and a pleasure to work with.”

Robert Phillips – Thundermark
“Derek’s presentation was unique. I have heard many motivational speakers, and read lots of quick fix self-help books. This was different. This really spoke to me. Derek has a simple idea that is life-changing and livable. It requires some hard work, but does not demand unreasonable effort. It speaks a universal truth which is so clear and simple to understand and apply that it makes one wonder how life was lived without it.”

Rabbi Yitz Sandler – Genesis Advisory Services (UK) Limited

”Derek Mills is an exceptionally gifted and insightful business man, with outstanding leadership skills. The results he achieves for his own life and the clients he works with are amazing. He’s mastered the art of ‘being who he is’, and is a great example of the power of setting standards in all areas of life…”

Maria Carlton – Maruki Books Ltd – Australia

“Derek is a modern day personal development guru. Not only has he created a paradigm shift where goals are concerned but he lives by the principles that he teaches. Watch out for the ‘Standards Guy’.”

Professor Karl George, MBE – Director at The Governance Forum Limited – UK
“As a company with a number of sales consultants it is our custom to invite a motivational or technical speaker to present at our monthly conference. By unanimous consensus all agree that Derek is one of the best speakers we have ever had. His approach is unique and refreshing and if applied correctly is likely to be life changing. We are all setting our Standards and hope to have Derek back for a follow-up clinic at which time we will measure the results. Money extremely well spent.”

Lewis Bloch – Managing Director, Genesis Advisory Services (UK) Ltd
“…What stands out for me is Derek’s encouragement to set daily standards not just goals.  Goals are future based; standards are current. Determine what you want to be just for today and your life will change and when your life changes, everything will change for you…”.

Heather Barrett – Service Centre Manager, Guardian Life Limited – Jamaica
“I have been working with Derek for 6 months and he has revolutionised my approach to life and work, it is a real eye opener to talk to someone who has the same ethos and work ethics as me. I would see Derek as a friend and can see a long and prosperous relationship going forward. The STANDARDS Derek lives by and the Philosophy he shares are certainly the best way forward for ME and my BUSINESS. I feel blessed to have been introduced to him and would recommend his services to anyone.”

Ian Farrant – Anglian Wealth Management

“Working with Derek has been amazing! Derek has given me the ability to believe ‘I can’ and this has encouraged my confidence enormously, hence, business and personal life have thrived as a result”.

Mrs Joyce A Oliver – DipPFS Certs CII
Principle of Joyce Oliver Wealth Management

“Derek Mills has found out how to create lasting success. He walks his talk – it’s powerful and inspiring and a gift that he’s sharing with us all”

John Gray Ph.D. – Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“…The presentation by Mr Derek Mills at this year’s Blast Off was not only refreshing, but well needed, in order that we start the year on grounded footing as we seek to raise the daily standards, not only for self, but for the company and its customers by extension…”

Group Life Department, Guardian Life Limited

‘References can be provided but due to the confidential nature of the services we provide, a list is not available on this site of the many clients Derek has worked with.’