Sales Consulting

We help authentic companies identify the source of their existing Standards and begin to address why, how and where to raise them. Our team will perform an analysis of your entire organisation, provide practical advice based on our research and expertise, and offer innovative solutions leading to increased sales and a happier working environment for all. We are here to support you in creating DailyStandards® that are congruent with your business goals. This is what leads to success.

If you answer yes to any one of the points below, get in touch today to find out how we can help:

• Do you have poor customer loyalty?

• Is your turnover lower than last year?

• Are you attracting the wrong clients and customers?

• Is your workforce demotivated?

• Are your margins lower than you would like?

The DailyStandards® approach to sales will help you achieve far more than any goal you’ve ever set. Working with the DailyStandards® Sales Consulting team will bring you:

• High customer satisfaction
• Vastly increased revenue and profit
• Repeat buys and more referrals in 12 months than in your past five years
• Consistent product quality
• Reduced employee turnover
• An outstanding reputation

Derek is a giant amongst communicators and motivators, and it has been my pleasure to know him…. I watched Derek grow his powerful communication style which impacts you in both the head and the heart…. He cares deeply about the impact of his message and understands the value that he brings to the people whose lives he touches…. If raw talent is any indicator of potential, he will be one of those guys who (as Zig Ziglar once said) we will “see at the top!!”

Phil Ryan – Managing Director, Executive Education Division

of The UK’s No1 Business School for Banking & Finance

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Keynote Speaking

Derek challenges the status quo with a deeply empathetic, captivating, engaging and probing style. He enables the audience to discover answers in today’s turbulent times and aggressive markets. He understands the lack of trust the public currently has in all 3 sectors, and helps leaders to regain the trust and build back public rapport.

Derek has given talks and workshops on four continents, at some of the largest business conferences and gatherings, including; the Million Dollar Round Table, St James’s Place Wealth Management Plc (FTSE100 Company) and some of the world’s leading financial services and insurance companies and organisations. He has spoken in the US, South Africa, Europe, Indonesia, India, Dubai, the Caribbean and the UK and has been invited to speak in Russia and Mexico. He combines his personal story of his staggering financial turnaround, with key insights gained from decades working within the private, public and not for profit sectors.

Invite Derek to speak for your organisation or event and discover:

• How he went from broke and depressed, to happy, successful and wealthy, generating more referrals in 12 months than in the previous five years.

• How you can connect with potential clients in a way no one else ever has.

• The importance of continually changing and raising your DailyStandards®.

• How to generate 100 percent customer loyalty.

• The tools to becoming a highly attractive brand or sales person.

Book Derek as your speaker and he will:

• Ignite new, high DailyStandards® in the hearts and minds of your audience.

• Inspire loyalty, action and performance within your sales force with practical tools for immediate results.

• Provide challenge and supportive counsel.

As a teacher, authentic leader and speaker, Derek is a game changer.

Derek Mills is by far one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does he have a compelling story, which everyone on the planet needs to hear, he also has the tools to help them become far more successful and happier than they already are. He’s one of those rare speakers I would not hesitate to recommend. He’s outstanding.

Richard McCann, international speaker and Sunday Times bestselling author,

I’ll be frank and to the point. I was cynical and I was proved wrong. Derek’s presentation, in my view, was the most valuable to the delegates. He was an inspiration and a pleasure to work with.

Robert Phillips, Thundermark, South Africa

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Events and Programs

If you want to be seen as a high Standards-based company such as Virgin, Axa, Porsche, Marriott, Disney and Gymshark, our events and programs are for you.

The team at DailyStandards® can create bespoke courses and programs for both Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations. We are thought leaders absolutely committed to sharing what we know in order to improve your business results. We do this utilising the DailyStandards® philosophy and practices.

By following one of our programs or attending an event, you will:

• Understand why DailyStandards® are the missing link to achieving greater success.

• Learn how to turn your business around utilising Derek’s DailyStandards® philosophy.

• Discover ways to boost your company’s profits without working harder.

• Identify your own new DailyStandards® and how to make them stick.

• Learn how to honour and serve others in a way that honours and serves your business.

Once you have implemented the DailyStandards® philosophy into your business, results will increase, profits will soar, you and your workforce will be happier and your organisation/brand will be recognised and respected.

As a company with a number of sales consultants it is our custom to invite a motivational or technical speaker to present at our monthly conference. By unanimous consensus, all agreed that Derek was one of the best speakers we had ever had. His approach was unique and refreshing and, if applied correctly, is likely to be life changing. We are all setting our new Standards. It was money extremely well spent.

Lewis Bloch, Managing Director, Genesis Advisory Services (UK) Ltd

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Executive Mentoring and Authentic Leadership Coaching

The greater the leader, the greater the organisation.

Derek’s experience with senior corporate executives has given him an in depth understanding of the corporate world. He has been counsel to those at the highest level of international leadership and has been a guest of the State Department in the US; Buckingham Palace and Monaco Embassy. He is a Senior Partner at one of the UK’s premier wealth management firms (a FTSE100 company) and is a fellow of the British American Project and the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

“I was at a place in my life personally & professionally, that I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to achieve it. After a few of Derek’s workshops I started to put things into place. Writing a diary, reading books, setting myself daily standards. I wanted people to see a change in me. But Derek told me I had to change myself before others saw a change. I’m more focused than ever & my wife & family have seen those changes. Professionally, I’ve just started my new job at Leicester City Football club, heading up the scouting department from 17-21. Thanks for everything Derek”
David Johnson – Head Scout for Leicester City Football Club – UK

Derek is recognised as an authentic leader and draws inspiration from political, economic and scientific minds on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world.

At DailyStandards® we help executives and other business leaders unpack their best ideas and transform them into real, bottom-line results. Quite literally, the team at DailyStandards® helps authentic leaders release their inner genius, into their businesses and also into their personal lives. Furthermore, our face-to-face approach helps entrepreneurs and executives gain clarity around their intentions, ideas and business models. It is a core part of our business to support, mentor and coach in all of these sectors.

With this service, you will work closely with Derek and the DailyStandards® team to:

• Gain the ‘super clarity’ you need to create your best business.

• Find your purpose and maintain your success.

• Unleash your inner genius to help your business flourish.

• Set and commit to the right DailyStandards® for you and your business.

• Guide you to be happier and more productive in all areas of your life.

“When we help people develop, they are in the greatest position to lead and support their organisations,” says Derek.

I worked with Derek for six months and he revolutionised my approach to life and work. The standards and philosophy his team shares are certainly the best way forward for me and my business. I feel blessed to have been introduced to him and would recommend his services to anyone.

Ian Farrant, Anglian Wealth Management, UK

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