Sunflowers on the Isle of Man

I would like to invite you to my weekend retreat on the beautiful Isle of Man. The event is being hosted by Brightlife over the weekend 25th and 26th June.

If you have ever set goals and wondered why your life still hasn’t worked out, know this; DailyStandards™ are the missing link to achieving your goals success. You will learn why; as I share why and how setting daily Standards from your inner Guru, will create more success for you right now.

Do you have less than 3 minutes to take a look at this interview clip? I will expand on this and you will learn how to implement the DailyStandards philosophy and practices into your life and business.


Brightlife are offering a fantastic deal for anyone attending from the UK. If you are in need of some rest and relaxation, then this is the weekend for you. You will be housed in 5* accommodation, fed amazing food and learn how to awaken your inner guru and discover who you really are.

I would love to see you there to share this special weekend with me. Click here for more details or call Brightlife on 01624 880 318 to book your place. I guarantee positive change for you.

Below are some words from 4 of the attendees from the last retreat I ran in 2014; some of the amazing people I met that weekend. You too could experience the ‘shift’ to wake up the genius that is inside of you.

Please pass this invitation onto anyone you think may benefit from this opportunity.

In Love and Light.


“It was especially lovely for me to connect with you at your ‘Awaken Your Guru and Heal Your Life’ workshop. I personally experienced many shifts and realisations which are here to stay. Truly a beautiful, thoughtful and compassionate man, full of kindness and empathy. Thank you for being so generous with your insights and gifts. I found the workshop to be deeply spiritual, yet also professional, organised and in my view grounded. You are a natural teacher, and a very gifted one. This weekend was most certainly one of my most empowering experiences in a long time! Thank you, thank you, thank you for an experience I will cherish!”

Billee Saade – Isle of Man

“I came on Derek’s ‘Awaken Your Inner Guru and Heal Your Life’ weekend workshop with a very open mind …It was a fabulous experience, a beautiful place with beautiful people. Derek is inspiring, approachable and honest and it was a real pleasure to listen to him”.

Claire Smith – Presenter, Interior Designer ‘Secret Removers’ at Channel 4 – UK

“Derek is on a mission to sew and encourage others to “wake-up” and sew as many seeds in themselves and others as possible. He shares his story of the moment he “woke up” and started to listen to his “inner guru” even though at times in the beginning the experience of the growth pains of his own seeds was not easy; with humour, humility and a grateful attitude. His story is all the more relevant in the western world as in his own words he was failing. His 10 Second Philosophy provides the means of creating the nutrients needed for growth through a simple, time tested method that works, day by day, one intention and one standard at a time. The Awaken Your Inner Guru workshop is a stop the world and get off for a time and listen opportunity that is not to be missed “.

Rhona Wark – UK

“For many, many years I have chased countless goals, failing to achieve most, and not really celebrating those I did achieve. At the time of booking on Derek Mills course ’Awaken your Inner-Guru & heal your life’, I was emotionally bankrupt. If it hadn’t have been that I had fortunately read Derek’s brilliant book ’The 10 Second Philosophy’ I doubt I would have committed myself to attend. Using Derek’s techniques which are simple to understand and implement I began to pause & go inside myself for 10 seconds at a time and started listening to my inner voice. On Saturday 16th June 2014, I managed to finally unlock the gates to the castle in my mind and metaphorically I slayed a dragon. At 48years old, I finally awoke from the stress, tension & anger haze I had been living in for so long. I could breathe, I was calm, for the first time I knew I had the answers inside of me. In the days that followed the course having implemented Derek’s ’PERFECT’ system, I immediately started to see improvements in my physical health, my relationships with my wife & daughter, my emotional state and my attitude to my work. When you are in the right place, living in the now, the simplest things will work.

When you meet Derek you know you are in the company of a Genius. But more importantly what you notice is that his presence and aura is that of a true gentleman. He has empathy, humility and a humour that makes you feel and know that he cares passionately about helping you find the skills you arrived with and getting them out into this world. It was my honour and privilege to spend time with him and I know that each day God grants me, I will live it as my TrueSelf.”

Robin Benson – UK