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Goals without DailyStandards® are just daydreams.

Up until now you’ve probably been used to hearing or reading about goal setting, as the best way to achieve your dreams. The problem with goals is that they are future based and can often feel unattainable. Any goal, from losing two stone (28 pounds) to earning your first million, seems impossible when you view the journey as a whole. However, when broken down into daily behaviours and a personalised philosophy, which is ultimately what DailyStandards® are – you are far more likely to achieve the success you desire. So, instead of looking too far ahead, DailyStandards® encourage you to live in the present and to act only today.

“Goal-setting has been drilled into us for so long, but it’s DailyStandards® that will lead the way in future,” says Derek Mills, founder of DailyStandards® and the Standards Revolution™.

A DailyStandard is a basis, criterion, level, quality or rule, set from within yourself and adhered
to just for today, until your head hits your pillow tonight. You live by your Standards each day,
allowing your success to build.

“When you set Standards from within, you upgrade your life in so many ways. What’s more, your hidden gifts and talents begin to flow. I have experienced all this for myself,” says Derek (click here to read his inspiring story).

We all operate by a set of Standards but most of the time they are subconscious. We often don’t even know we’re making choices based on these deeply held hidden beliefs. But by using the DailyStandards® learning resources or attending a live event, you’ll uncover your hidden, unhelpful Standards and then actively upgrade them. The approach is practical and contains guidance on how to get back on track, if you encounter any setbacks.

Part of what you’ll learn through the DailyStandards® philosophy is Derek’s P.E.R.F.E.C.T system for setting DailyStandards® in the 7 key areas of your life. These are:

P = Personal Health and Fitness
E = Environment (Internal/External)
R = Relationships
F = Family
E = Emotions
C = Career & Business
T = Time & Money

It was only when Derek applied DailyStandards® to all the above areas that his success and profile grew exponentially, until people around the globe began asking him to share his methods.

Today, DailyStandards® are recognised internationally as a powerful means to achieve Personal Development and Wealth Mastery. They can help you, too, to overcome your own blocks and achieve powerful, tangible, lasting results.

I found Derek’s philosophy and approach to personal development to be
refreshing and innovative. At last we have something that everyone can use to better themselves, which doesn’t rely on being goal driven and disciplined.

Professor Karl George, MBE, director at The Governance Forum Limited, UK.

Discover how DailyStandards® and the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. system could help you by clicking here.

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