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Becoming a Standards-based company

What do Porsche, Disney, Marriott, Axa, Chrysler and Gymshark have in common? The answer is DailyStandards®

Successful, profitable, authentic businesses all set and operate by their own DailyStandards® for achieving success. They do this because their reputation for quality and customer service is of paramount importance. Most organisations, however, are not aware that Standards, not goals, lead to increased customer satisfaction, hence profits. “It is a lack of clearly defined DailyStandards® that leads to businesses not achieving their goals. Action needs to be taken daily and Standards need to be continually raised,” says Derek Mills, founder of DailyStandards®  and the Standards Revolution™.

We have worked with great organisations such as St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc, Guardian Life Ltd, Million Dollar Round Table, Momentum Group Ltd, Jaffray Care Society, The Governance Forum, The Institute of Financial Planning and Genesis Advisory Services (UK) Ltd; along with coaching Political Business Leaders.

Would you like to achieve similar or greater results for your business? What if your products and services were selling out so fast you did not have a store room big enough to hold all the stock, or to look after all the potential new business?

Definition: A DailyStandard is a basis, criterion, level, quality or rule, set from within your organisation and adhered to just for today, then one day at a time.

We recognise that successful companies have objectives and goals. However, outstanding success in business comes only through the application and maintenance of DailyStandards® throughout the organisation. Just imagine what it would feel like to have people talking about how good your services are, even before they have used them. Or to see customers queuing outside your door, just as Apple does! All this is possible when you work with us.

The DailyStandards® team can help your business:

  • Improve customer loyalty.
  • Significantly increase profitability whilst turning customers into advocates.
  • Motivate your workforce to want to achieve excellence.
  • Learn how to replace ‘problem’ customers with more reliable, higher-paying ones.
  • Become more productive by working less – and earn more money!

Part of what you’ll learn through the DailyStandards® approach is the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. system for setting Standards in 7 key areas of your business. These are:

P = Products and Services
E = Environment (internal/external)
R = Relationships
F = Financial
E = Executive & Management
C = Cause or Purpose
T = Training and Transparency

Our team at DailyStandards® helps corporates, SME’s and other authentic organisations, to use DailyStandards® similar to these multi-million pound companies. Here are some specific case studies.

Derek is an Expert in Authentic Leadership & Authentic Sales, a business practitioner, runs a Senior Partner Practice at a FTSE100 wealth management company and is a happy and successful entrepreneur. He works with Board Directors, CEO’s, COO’s, Executive Board Members and other Senior Business Leaders. Find out more about him and how he can help transform your business by clicking here.

Knowing your customer’s Standards makes them realise that you understand them in a way no one else understands them.

Derek Mills

We invite you to join The Standards Revolution™