Pay Attention

Pay Attention – Here is your 5th and final key to stop your life being so tough. Again it is short, to the point and will just take a few seconds of your time to read, but could have a huge impact.

  1. Pay attention

Just a few short years ago, someone asked me a question. I paid attention to that question in a way that I hadn’t been paying attention to questions previously. As a result of this rapt attention, I discovered an approach to life and business that changed everything and stopped my life being tough. It’s incredible really how years of struggle can turn into years of incredible experiences, wealth and an enormous opportunity to make a difference in the world. All this because I paid attention.

I have learned there are 5 things to pay attention to. If you do this, you could well change the whole of your life and make it so much easier, eliminating the toughness.

The 5 things to pay attention to are the:

  • Words
  • Thoughts
  • Questions
  • Phrases
  • Ideas

that come to you. Because it is these things that if you grasp them and allow them to take you within, seeking answers introspectively, you may well find that you discover something that otherwise may never have come to you. It could be a strategy, a new philosophy, some practical guidance, an idea or a bit of information that has hitherto eluded you.

  • It is said that in the beginning was the Word.
  • We are told that Thoughts become things.
  • We acknowledge that you only get the right answers by asking the right Questions.
  • A simple Phrase, like a quote, can guide us in a way that years of traditional education cannot.
  • An Idea is all it takes to make life infinitely easier for you and others. Ideas followed through change the world.

All of these are true. The advice of the 5th key is to really pay attention in a way you never have before to the words, thoughts, questions, phrases and ideas that come to you, seemingly from nowhere, because these are the ones that will direct and change you.

Look out for some great stuff over the next few weeks, especially around the new movie ‘THINK – The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich’, some amazing guest blogs and other potentially life changing insights..

As always leave us a comment or send an email to and let us hear your thoughts or any changes or breakthroughs you have made as a result of these insights. Practice all of the keys and review and recommit to your Daily Standards.

Have a wonderful day today.