Here is your 4th key to stop your life being so tough. The 4th key will take just a few seconds of your time to read, but could have a huge impact on you today.

  1. Each and every one of us has gifts

It’s often said that we should work on our weaknesses and it seems common sense and reasonable advice. In reality we should be doing nothing of the kind. Our weaknesses will expose themselves as lesser or lower gifts. Our real gifts, the things we might call our strengths, are what we should focus on.

Inside of you sit abilities, talents and strengths. If you spend your life trying to strengthen your weaknesses, then it is likely you will be ignoring the very things that could elevate and lift you and the whole of your life. Behind the 10-Second Philosophy you will find a very practical approach to life. One aspect of the philosophy is to seek to develop your gifts and your talents and to bring those out into the world. Right now, you can make a list of what you consider to be your strengths. Do not make a list of your weaknesses as contrarian as this may sound.

Grab a pen and write down:

  • All of the things you know you are great at.
  • That you were great at and you stopped doing.
  • That people around you tell you you’ve always been amazing at.
  • The thing you were better than most people at when you were younger.
  • The thing or things that you find easy, which most people find difficult.

Your responses to the above give you an early insight into your gifts. I guarantee you that if you spend your time focussing on your gifts and developing them, the struggles in your life and the tough times, will become less and less. In some cases they will disappear altogether. Ignore what the experts say. Just focus on your gifts above at least 80% of your time today and then each day, one day at a time, you will rise.

Look out for the 5th and final key next week.

Let us hear your thoughts or any changes or breakthroughs you have made as a result of these keys. Practice the keys you’ve learned so far and review and recommit to your Daily Standards. Drop me an email on or connect with me on social media. I’d love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day today.