Here’s a thing: All of our thoughts have the tendency to create their physical, real world equivalent.

Welcome to the 3rd of the 13 principles of ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Here is the DailyStandards view and implementation directions on the third principle from Napoleon Hill’s work.

The 3rd Principle – AutoSuggestion

Most of the time, people focus on the things which they don’t or shouldn’t want. As a result they end up with a life that they did not want. If you focus on your fear, you will find that the very things you fear become your reality. This is causation in practice. Your unconscious mind will draw to you and draw you to things and a life that you would not wish for. This will occur because you use most of your thinking time concentrating on what you fear or don’t want. If you think about failure, if you think about loss, if you think about poverty; that’s exactly what you’ll get! Hence your thoughts become you.

The life you desire is there for your making and taking. You will become what you think about whether good or bad. It can’t be said any clearer than that, can it?

There is a straightforward method to creating the life you actually want. The key is to impact your unconscious mind so that it begins to change, shift and guide you (unconsciously), to get that which you focus on. Your language patterns, attitude, actions and your Daily Standards will all change.


Unconscious Mind

Here are the 4-steps to influencing your unconscious mind so that it helps you get what’s important to you.

                                                                “As you think, so shall you become”

As Standard, every single day, do the following 4 steps:

  1. Spend time with your eyes closed, thinking and feeling about who you are and what your purpose or intentions are. Write down what you reveal or realise.
  2. As soon as you awake in the morning, review what you have previously written about your true self and intentions. Visualise yourself living – Just For Today – as that person, authentically in your personal and professional life.
  3. Before you go to sleep, just before you finally put your head on your pillow, Review your day and consider how you did. Ask yourself (and honestly answer) the following questions: Were you living at your true intentions? Were you on-purpose? Did you live today in line with what you discovered you’re here to do/be?
  4. Success is a Set-Up: Make a-c above part of your Daily Standard of behaviour and practices. Set your smart-phone to remind and message you automatically each morning and at bedtime.

The best way to increase your influence over your unconscious thinking, is to suggest to it what you want and what your true intentions are. Do this Daily, many times.

You may recall that Think and Grow Rich is now being made into a movie – ‘Think and Grow Rich – The Legacy’ (2017). Click here for a sneak preview.

Check back next week for Principle number 4 of how to Think and Grow Rich.